More common Questions

Top Agent is a privately owned New Zealand-owned marketing and research company.  Our mission is to provide a free service to home owners to achieve their best sale price (after commission and costs) by selecting only the best Top Agents in the local area.  Our approved and selected agents can give you a trusted market appraisal and marketing plan if needed. 

There are great reasons why sellers should use our service.


1.   Our follow up service is amazingly valuable and independent - our founder and team has many years of both property management and property sales experience.


2.   We go above and beyond by negotiating some things for you, like free marketing, or commission discounts, and other incentives with the agents.


3.   A reduced commission or incentive discount from the agent will leave more money in your pocket after the sale.  We get more discounts from some sales agents than others due to our volume business.


4.   Some agents can undervalue the home to make it easy for them to sell quickly, others may inflate the possible value to try and secure the listing with you, Top Agent closely monitors all the sales agents we recommend on this issue.


5.   We only recommend top agents in your area - not based on a ‘friends experience,’ but based on a number of factors (not available to the general public).


6.   You have no obligation to work with the agent/agents we recommend.


The main ingredients for successful selling are;

  The best method of sale for your unique property (priced, auction, price by negotiation, tender).

  Local area market knowledge to be able to set the reasons for price to the buyer.

  The sales agent’s negotiating skill, experience, and technical knowledge.

•  The time an agent spends negotiating the best price on each sale.

•  Marketing reach and power of their marketing plan & budget.


Note:   When an agent is selling so many homes at the same time, they will not have the time needed to negotiate the best price. So going with the busy agent can also cost you possible money. Most importantly our service won’t cost you anything!

Checking their work - Having a truthful independent market appraisal from an agent that knows they work and valuation will be checked by someone experienced (out team). 


Then if you’ve made a decision to sell your property. We want you to have a successful marketing and selling experience.


The benefits you receive are:


  Analysis of hard property data of recent sales in your area.

•  Analysis of data of local sales market (other homes for sale in the area).

•  Experienced agent recommendations on the best process to sell your property.

•  Advice on when to do and what to fix (if anything) before bringing the home for sale.

•  Peace of mind that the top agent knows your market and is an expert.

•  No obligation to you to proceed with any agent we recommend.

•  No cost to you at any stage, we charge the top agent a small fixed marketing fee.

It’s very easy – just supply your name, contact details and property address and we will send your details to our Top Agent representative in your suburb. They will be a licensed agent that we have researched, approved and trust.  They will contact you to arrange a meeting to view the home, discuss the market, the selling time-frame, and give you advice with a no obligation market appraisal on the current valuation of the home if sold in the next few weeks, which is based on other homes selling a year round and recent sales of like-for-like homes just sold.

We certainly hope to meet your needs – our Top Agent will ask for any requirements you may have to help understand the situation before giving advice or starting any work.

There will generally be one to three top agents that we will have vetted and recommended, depending on suburb size. Generally our seller/vendor/homeowners prefer to be contacted by the recommended agent and we will let them know to contact you, just include this in your instructions on the inquiry form. 


However if you prefer to call the agent when it suits you, that’s fine, it’s your choice. Any agent we recommend will have indicated that they would like the opportunity to meet you and present their strategy to you.

Our service is 100% free for sellers and will remain that way.


Our mission has always been to offer a free service which is simply a no-brainer for seller/vendor/homeowners. 


Our Top Agents pay us a small fee to work with us and for assisting the connection with local the seller/vendor/homeowners in their specialty suburb. See below to learn why agents value working with us.

Less common Questions

A top performing agent will be very experienced. He or she will have knowledge of the market in your area and will have strong historic performance data in your area. Working with our top agent is very important to give you confidence in this process and will give the best chance of achieving a premium price.

Nothing. Top Agent provides a free service to you. Top Agent earns only marketing income paid by the agent, we do not take any share of the agent's commission for their hard work.

Yes, we offer the same service throughout all of New Zealand.

No. Upon successful sale of the property, the seller/vendor/homeowner pays the real estate agency the agreed commission stated in the listing agreement, as usual practice in real estate.


Any commission discounts or incentives promoted to the seller/vendor/homeowner are agreed to and written into the listing contract with the sales agent (at the time of listing).

Not a problem. Feedback is important to us and we will endeavor to find the best agent that will meet your needs. Please let us know if you would like another agent recommendation.

No. We are not a real-estate company. We are a marketing and research service company that has recognised that in many cases, people sell their most valuable asset without the confidence of having a top agent, and subsequently can end up with a disappointing experience or outcome. We find and recommend top agents from big brand and independent real estate companies. We do not have agents of our own.

After submitting your property details via our online form we will be in contact with you to ask a few questions. We will then start our analysis and crunch the data to look at the local sales of other properties like yours to establish the likely market value for that type of property in your area.


The top agent will then arrange a time to meet you at your property so they can confirm the build type, condition, floorplan, special features, aspect, services, and other important features so they can evaluate the likely value and possible marketing plan. 


If you would like to sell the home, you can choose to list and install the commission discounts, incentives and other benefits Top Agent has negotiated with each sales agent for you.


Or you can choose someone completely different, there is no obligation to list with our top agent.  Whoever you select, we are here in the background as extra support if you require it at any stage, we want you to get the best possible outcome after fees, taxes and commissions.

As the seller/vendor/homeowner, you are in charge. If you have not signed into an agreement with an agent, you are free to approach another agent or to use our services.  If you are not happy with the current agent please let us know that in the form, so we can give you some special advice.

We have no affiliation with any particular real estate agency. The top agent or agents in your local area may be working under any one of the many agencies throughout New Zealand. We focus on the best possible outcome for the seller/vendor/homeowner.